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We absolutely love Sarah Dippity's shows!  The presentation is perfectly timed for preschool aged children and the creativity keeps our elementary aged students as well as our teachers fascinated!

The shows that Ms. Dippity prepares and presents are economically priced and we go away feeling that we really got a bang for our buck!

Jean Knowlton, Trinity Episcopal Child Care

Theme Shows for Any Occasion!

Giggles abound as Sarah Dippity and her lovable sidekick puppets bring their magical misadventures right to your school. Your children are the stars of each show as they assist Sarah Dippity in amazing magic that sparkles with humor and fun as well as great lessons for learning and growth. Sarah Dippity's beautiful and vibrantly colored costume and props delight their young minds and her sweetness and sincerity warm their young hearts.

2011 Show Menu:

1. Magical Madness:

High energy, zany magic, and silliness for all! Great for school age kids too!

2. Fairytale Fun:

Fairy Godmother, Sarah Dippity, and her sidekick Tickle Monster, bring the enchanted world of Fairyland and Fairytales to your school.

 3. Superhero:

Super Sarah Dippity and her sidekick Super Squirt use fun and laughter to bring your inner superhero out! 

4. Pirate:
Arr Mateys! Time for high seas adventures when Sarah Dippity and her puppets, Mocha the Monkey and Cptn, Jack the Parrot bring hysterical laughter and magical fun.

5. Kooky Spooky Halloween:

Goofy Bats, Kooky Count Dracula, Wacky witches and much more! Not scary, just silly Halloween fun!

6. Let is Snow Show!:

Enjoy a totally Frosty day! Fun filled wintery days with magic puppets and lots of snow!– just winter fun!

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