What are parents saying about Sarah Dippity parties?

Anna - Kate's 3rd Birthday

  Thank you so much for making Anna-Kate's party so much fun yesterday for the kids-and the adults too. The kids loved you and it was so fun to see them laughing so hard! You did a great job and we will definitely recommend you to our friends!  Thanks again, 

- Laurin Mather  

Walt and Matt's 5th Birthday

Thank you for Today!! Even the adults told me how much they enjoyed your show!!-

-Shannon Bedingfield 

Marley's 5th Birthday

       Well, the pleasure was ours!! We enjoyed everything, and the parents and kids had only but wonderful things to say about you!  Both Marley and her older sister (Tabatha) requested to have their "fairy godmother mother” come back next year!!     

-Gretchen Kaune

Madeleine's 5th Birthday

  "I was just thinking how much I enjoy having you at our parties, and how you really just are so gifted with what you do! A party without Sarah Dippity is like a birthday without cake!! "  

-Rebecca Goings 

Ella's 3rd Birthday

  You MADE the party! The kids all had a blast. They were entranced by the magic show! Everything was perfect! You have such a gift and I appreciate you sharing it with us today. We will call you again  and recommend you to everyone!   

- Katie Johnson

Olivia's 3rd Birthday

  Thank you!!! We had so much fun. Olivia woke up this morning and said "mommy, can we go back to my party? Where is my fairy godmother?" It was so cute!!    

- Brittany Wingo

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