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What are Parents Saying About Sarah Dippity Parties?

Carter's 6th Birthday

Thanks for making Carter’s birthday party so wonderful this weekend!!  Everyone, adults and kids alike, LOVED your show!!  Hopefully you will have time to do a Super Hero show for Truman’s birthday (he’s 2 now) in a couple of years.  Thanks, again, and have a great week!! Blair Ballard

Camryn's 4th Birthday

 I'm so glad you decided to do this. You are very talented and I've never seen anyone handle a group of children the way you do.  I've always tried to find fun and unique ways to celebrate the kids' birthdays, and have never gotten the response from other parents and children that your party elicited. Thank you so much for creating such wonderful memories for my children and their friends!
-Jennifer Hambrick .

Ella's 4th Birthday

I just wanted to let you know how much everyone enjoyed the party on Saturday.  Ella was beaming about it all day long.  She said it was her best birthday party ever.  All the parents and children in attendance went on about how wonderful it was.  My stepdad even said he laughed so hard during the magic show that he was crying (which is funny to hear a 60 year old man say about a children's party).  One of the parents stopped me at school today to tell me that her daughter is now begging for you to come to her birthday party.  I hope you hear from her soon.
 -Karen Steward 

Hannah's 5th Birthday

 My son Will was cackling his head off at Hannah's birthday party that you did. He really wants you for his birthday. And I hear Hannah also asked you to do all of her parties!  My mother in law and another one of the grandparents said that that was the best birthday party they had ever been to! You are fantastic with the kids! Thank you!
- Tracy Etu 

Lancy's 4th Birthday

  We LOVED having you and I will always remember it as one of our favorite birthday parties for our children. Brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. You have such a gift and so glad you were part of Lancy's 4th birthday celebration!  

-Jennifer Robinson

Juniper's 6th Birthday

The kids were MESMERIZED by you! The party was fantastic and you handle such a large group of kids so well. Even the adults had a great time! Thank you! My kids will be talking about this for a long time!

- Liz Rego 

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