Stardust Fairy Hair


Stardust Fairy Hair is silk hair strands, spun by Real Fairies!

Sarah  Dippity’s Stardust Fairy Hair blends the Sparkle of a star, the magic  of the unicorn, and the touch of fairies to create an ethereal  sophisticated look of fairy for your hair.
We weave Stardust Fairy  Hair onto a single strand of your own hair to create an enchanting  effect. Stardust Fairy Hair will last until that strand of your own hair  falls out…for days, weeks even months.
Treat it like real hair! You  can comb it, blow dry it, curl it, color it, brush it, flat iron it…do  whatever you do with your own hair, but especially LOVE IT!

How long does it last? Average 3-4 weeks for adults, 2 weeks for older kids, a few days for kids 6 and under.
We've had some Stardust Fairy Hair strands last for many months!
We always tie a couple extra to cover the little that will fall out right away.
There are no guarantees with Stardust Fairy Hair but we do our very best!           

How can you get Stardust Fairy Hair?

1. Bring Sarah Dippity to you by Booking a private Stardust Fairy Hair Party. Sarah does parties for adults and kids. 

For children's party packages and prices click here:

Contact her booking office to schedule private events here:


2.  Bring yourself to the Stardust Fairy Hair Events at Hotel Trundle! 

Sarah Dippity and her Crew set up the Stardust Fairy Hair in the lobby of Hotel Trundle on select dates.  

  • Upcoming Dates: 

Saturday Dec. 28th 9:30am-2pm

Thursday Jan 2nd, 6-9pm 

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